Imaginessence Upgrades to Full Frame and HD 1080p!

This past week we added some new gear to our arsenal, the Nikon D700 and Canon 5D Mark II. The full frame (24mm x 36mm) sensor offers many new advantages over smaller sensor technologies. The enhanced shallow depth of field is incredible in both still and video shots, giving a very artistic and more cinematic look to our work. The low light capability is another huge advantage in those uncontrollable situations where this is critical. There is better color and much less digital noise in dark areas.

The HDSLR Revolution
We knew it was inevitable that we needed to make the switch to HD for our video clients. It was very important that we chose something that would not only be functional for our work, but something that was different that would really stand out among the crowd. As with any upgrade, there’s quite a bit of money that has to go into such an effort, so you got to make sure you know exactly what you want because you’re going to be stuck with it for a while!

Ryan always strives to achieve a sort of Hollywood look to how his productions are done, but always felt it wasn’t quite there. With the acquisition and implementation of the Canon 5D Mark II, utilizing film lenses and a large sensor opens up new creative possibilities. The images are truly amazing. We can use portrait, extreme wide angle, macro, telephoto, and tilt-shift lenses. There are now Hollywood features films, television shows, and commercials starting to take advantage of this amazing camera. The HD 1080p image quality of this camera destroys any video camera we’ve seen. The much discussed over controversy of HDSLR video is an amazing thing that will change the industry and open it up to the people who embrace it.

Test footage screen grab from actual video taken by Ryan Czaplinski.

“It is a whole new kind of beast,” said Ryan. “Using this kind of technology involves limitations and challenges I haven’t been presented before, but there are too many wonderful things about this new technology that it’s hard to not desire wanting to shoot in this format. I have shot with many different cameras before and despite the challenges, there’s no denying the stuff that comes out of this camera is unreal. I feel like I can finally show my full potential having the tools that will help me tell stories.”

The Full-Frame Upgrade Continues for Photography
Steve’s photos are already amazing, so why change the camera?  ”It’s all about the Full Frame.”

D700 test shot in natural low light by Steve Rydgren.

The Nikon D700 has many upgraded features over the previously used Fuji S5 Pro. The S5 may still have better dynamic range and color before editing, but the D700 is faster, with better auto-focus, higher-resolution LCD, higher non-interpolated 12MP resolution, sensor cleaner, chromatic aberration reduction, more intuitive menus, and incredible low light capability. The less distorted wide angle shots and shallower depth of field will give a new look and style to our portraits.

We look forward to sharing our new work created with these new cameras!

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